The Mercurius Prize to José Enrique Pardo

The Mercurius Prize to José Enrique Pardo

The Mercurius Prize Committee


The Mercurius Prize


José Enrique Pardo

This Prize is presented to honor your film, Soulheal, for addressing the pressing psychological issue of the expression of masculinity in today’s world. Your film offers a moving characterization of the difficulty so many men find themselves in of not knowing how to deal with the changing views of masculinity and how to establish their identity as men. The film brilliantly addresses the issues of trauma, shadow awareness, projection, and the individuation process and brings the viewer into greater awareness of this serious collective and individual issue. In this, the film supports the mission of the Mercurius Prize Committee, which is to recognize and honor films that bring the worlds of film and depth psychology together with artistic integrity and psychological understanding. 

Respectfully yours,

Murray Stein

President of the Mercurius Prize Committee

April 5, 2023

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