Mercurius Prize to Catherine McGilvray’s Mercurius Prize for her film “Fellini e l’ombra”

Mercurius Prize to Catherine McGilvray’s Mercurius Prize for her film “Fellini e l’ombra”

On November 8, 2023, a Mercurius Prize special event took place at the C.G. Jung Institute of Zurich/Küsnacht. Catherine McGilvray’s documentary “Fellini e l’ombra” (“Fellini and the Shadow”) was screened and awarded the Mercurius Prize. Murray Stein, President of the Mercurius Prize Committee (MPC), presented the award before an audience of more than 100 persons. This event was co-sponsored also with ISAP-Zurich and the Italian Institute of Culture in Switzerland. 

Murray Stein presenting Mercurius Prize to Catherine McGilvray

Giovanni Sorge showing Catherine the Mercurius Prize Plaque

Valentina Zampieri presenting Catherine with a bouquet of flowers

The panel following the screening consisted of the film director, Catherine McGilvray, Mercurius Prize President Murray Stein, and Jungian analyst and Director (as well as MP honorary member) Peter Ammann. It was moderated by Giovanni Sorge, member of the MPC and organizer of the event. In attendance was Valentina Lucia Zampieri, Vice President of the MPC.

Giovanni Sorge leading the panel discussion 

Catherine McGilvray spoke extensively with the panelists and the audience about the film-making process and her choice to highlight the shadow aspects and the suffering entailed in the creativity of Fellini. She also spoke of Ernst Bernhard (1896-1965), Fellini’s analyst, who was the first Jungian analyst in Italy.

Peter Amman with Catherine, Giovanni and Valentina

Peter Amman, who was interviewed in the film, spoke about his encounter with Fellini in 1966 during a very difficult phase in Fellini’s life as a film-maker, and of his work with Fellini on the film, “Satyricon” (1969).

Peter Amman with Catherine

Giovanni and Catherine

Valentina and Catherine

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