Mercurius Prize to Jackie Brutsche for her “Las Toreras”

Mercurius Prize to Jackie Brutsche for her “Las Toreras”

At a film screening on February 3, 2024 at the Riffraff Cinema in Zurich, the Mercurius Prize was awarded to Jackie Brutsche for her film, “Las Toreras.” The screening was followed by an award ceremony in which Murray Stein, President of the Mercurius Prize Committee, presented Jackie Brutsche with the Mercurius Prize Certificate and Plaque honoring her achievement.

Valentina Zampieri presented Jackie with a beautiful bouquet of flowers on behalf of the Mercurius Prize Committee. Murray Stein followed by reading the words on the Certificate:

The Mercurius Prize Committee hereby awards the MERCURIUS PRIZE to Jackie Brutsche for her film, “Las Toreras,” a masterful work that captures the spirit of deep bereavement and healing reflection in its many nuances.

The Mercurius Prize is awarded to film-makers whose sensitivity to psychological truth and depth is shown in their work and who also express caring attention to fundamental human values. 

It is in recognition of her outstanding achievement in this film that we are pleased to award Jackie Brutsche this prize.

This was followed by a panel discussion in which Jackie Brutsche spoke of her experience in making this deeply personal film, and her father, Dr. Paul Brutsche, also spoke of his experience in participating in this cinematic portrait of a tragic story in his family’s history. Deborah Egger, President of ISAP, added her words of reflection and congratulation for the courage shown by the director and all the actors in the film. The audience contributed a number of comments about the impact of the film on themselves and its meaning for the mental health community.

It was a moving experience for all and will be remembered as a significant moment in the history of the Mercurius Prize.


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