The Conference ‘Film and Analytical Psychology’ aims to provide a mental space for film and analytical psychology to meet each other. The concept of the conference could be called ‘film in the language of analytical psychology’, but without the risk of losing even a small part of its meaning, it could be the reverse, ‘analytical psychology in the language of film’. The perspectives of depth psychology, within which the analytical process takes place, spontaneously and naturally unfold on the film screen, incorporated into narrative, images, movement, music, and sounds. The cinema room, as well as the consulting room, becomes the place of profound transformation and creation of a new meaning. The Conference is intended to explore the artistic language of the film, looking for the correlation with language of the analytical psychology. The film speaks to us, through virtual reality, about the outer and inner reality of the soul. It leads us, through the emotions and rich symbolic meanings, to transformation. The aim of the Conference is to be a meeting place for analytical psychology and film, portraying the breadth, depth  and symbolism of film as a beautiful form of the soul’s expression, related to the concepts of analytical psychology. As the film is often used as an amplification in clinical work with clients, special attention will be paid to the potentials of the film to enrich the inner world and the functioning of the clients we encounter in clinical practice. Together, we will explore that magical movement of the image emerging from the inner world of the artist, which expresses the collective psyche and is projected onto the film canvas, resonating with the inner images of the audience. A film, through its moving images, becomes a profound way of moving the soul. 

Murray Stein speaks on Film and Analytical Psychology

Chiara Tozzi speaks on Film and Analytical Psychology

Ivana Radovanovic Novakovic speaks on the Film and Analytical Psychology

Luis Moris speaks on Film and Analytical Psychology